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Doesn't it all come down to how exploited the people who pick them up are? Wether they are mexicans in the us, maroccans in spain, they are all treated badly as far as I know. ( search for El Egido riots...)
If they all left, your oranges price would probably treble.
Then there is the problem of (mostly) westerners wanting some fruits all year round, which leads to stupid stuff such as the strawberries being sold around christmas time in europe... and they are certainly not as good as the ones we pick up at the right season...

aaahhh globalization...


Give me Florida oranges anyday...and tomatoes?  Well we grow the best vegges in the world here in deep south........  I kid you not.  I don't much like Australians wines either.  But what do I know... I'm only a YANK!


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