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Hi everyone.Yesterday i went to a professional dominatrix.And in the and of the session i preformed annilingus on her.What bothers me now is the possibility i could have catch hepatitis b from this activity.There wasn't any visible cuts or sores on my tongue or lips, and she was very clean and tidy and washed herself prior to this activity down there.So if she has hepatitis b(which i don't know), what are the chances that i got infected? ???I red on internet that it is very unlikely to get hepatitis b by this activity but, does that mean that i shouldn't worry about this or maybe i should?

Matty the Damned:

Off Topic is not the forum for this thread. I've reported it. I'm like that. Hopefully a kindly Goderator will review it for you.



Matty the Damned:
Aunty Doxie,

I'm thinking it's Loonies Au Go-Go or perhaps we have multiple account abuser trolls in our midst.

(Who notes the similarity between this and another thread in this forum)

I apologise if i insulted someone, that wasn't my intention.I am just scared and that is all.So, will mighty Goderator help me with answer , or maybe i can not ask this type of question on this site?Because it is focused on hiv related problems.The reason i posted here is because you people are very educated in hiv problematics and you already helped me once when i had i fear problem that was related to hiv.And i really tried to find answer to my question about hepatitis bon the net but couldn't find exact answer.So i apologise again.


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