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Welcome to the forums!  You have found the best place in cyber world for HIV+ people.  The members here are some of the most amazing people you will ever get to know.

I can't offer anything better than the good advice you've already been given. 

Take it easy, give yourself time to adjust, feel free to come here and vent,ask,scream, laugh with the rest of us. 


water duck:

When u reached this post , all the good & intelligent things already been said, so no point in repeating.

'Because i want to be strong ' oh !! but u r strong, in coming out like this , u must need alot of guts. In accepting our weakness, we can then begins to build upon our strength.

Booze & smoke : guess u should not make a big deal about it, u needed to fill a void created by your 'friends'. When u begin to put the 'pieces' back together again, u see , it will go if u want it to !!

Can't afford a therapist ?? well , come on the AM often, it's the most therapeutic clinic around, there will always be someone around to offer support !!'ll find that here at AM people look at what you say--not who you are ::said Matty
so have no fear !!


I'd like to thank all of you for your words of support. I think you made my day dramatically better.

I figured noone would care that I crossdress on here. I just mentioned it because it seems to offer a rather specialized sense of isolation on top of everything else.

I know my labs could be alot worse. It's just the trend in my VL that worried me. It's the only lab results that has any coherence. If it kicks past 100,000 it seems troublesome for one year out. What I find weird is that my labs just don't jive with the literature. VL up CD4 down. When my cd4's went down my percentage went up. And now that my VL is at 69,000 my cd4's are back near my highest number.

I also never had that huge VL spike at the beginning. I was diagnosed with a VL of 6,000 a month and a half after my infection. So I look at all this and I just think....why doesn't any of this make any sense??

I guess alot of us smoke. My doctor doesn't berate me at all about it. He just says there's alot of reasons besides HIV to quit smoking. I think I keep waiting for someone to James T. Kirk me and say, "My god man!!! You MUST QUIT THIS NOW!!!!!"

Again, thank you all :)


Matty the Damned:

I've always admired cross-dressers. I've tried it and end up looking like and sounding Lucille Ball in her final years. Ah well, we can't always have what we want.

Nevertheless, I'm glad we have been able to make a small difference in your day. May you have many more such days with us.

Fondest regards,


Hey OP,
Funny Matty should mention it, but I have donned a dress once or twice. I looked like a cross between Ethyl Merman and Jane Hathaway in a Cher wig.


By the way, what others have said about family, Tis true!  8)

You're stuck with us now - and it is a great place to be.




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