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Shit. I need an emoticon how to.

Hey OP!  Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your story...always better out than in I say.  As for crossdressing, you better work!  Women have much more fabulous clothes than men...only hot things for guys are stuff for buff men, which I'm so far from. 

Smoking, drinking, cussing, you name it we all do it...moderation is key.  Just educate yourself with the lessons on here and take a deep breath, things do get easier.

Hi OP,
You have been going through a lot of stuff the past few months. When it all gets thrown at you in a short time, it can be very overwhelming.

I agree with the other posters about your numbers. Try to focus on the %'s, and not the absolute counts. They can bounce up and down pretty dramatically without any change in your health. As far as the drinking and smoking, the first step in cutting back is to acknowledge that you have to- which you have in your post, so take the next baby step. Talk to your doctor about cutting back.

And it does not matter if your gay, straight, bi, tranny...just does not matter. We are all here because we are now on the same path, it does not matter how we got here, just that we support and care for each other now when we need it. It is normal to have bad days, and when you do, post here, and someone can help with words of care and encouragement.



Christine and Sky,

Thanks for your words of acceptance and support.

I'm going to get back to the gym after this recent bout of depression. I had cut back my smoking and drinking. I was smoking like 4 a day. But they always grab me when things get bad and off I go smoking away the time.

Women definitely have many more options in clothing that are so much more interesting and exciting than men's clothes. But I spend 99% of my time in men's clothes and don't really mind I'm not a ts. So I accept the challenge of dressing well as a man. It's all about subtlety. Mainly making sure your pants and shirts fit well and have a good cut that fits your body...that includes your tshirts! So much male shit is baggy and stupid. With the right pair of pants and shirt you'll look infinitely better than most men on the street because they're all slack jawed and stupid when it comes to clothes. The main problem is affording to be well dressed as a man AND a woman. So expensive.


 As the others have said, welcome, their are no judgements here honey, we have all fucked up in one way or another or else we wouldn't be here either.
Take care of yourself, you already know what you need to do, so no lectures. We're here when you need us


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