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Yesterday in the TN primary Harold Ford Jr. became the first African-American since reconstruction to be nominated as the Democratic candidate for the US Senate from TN. Hopefully, Mr. Ford's election this fall will enable the Democrats to regain control over the Senate.

I am cautiously optimistic that America has had enough of this inept, vile, administration. I urge every Aidsmeds member who is not registered to vote to do so. If we are not part of the solution...


p.s. Jack I'm warning you...mention the C-word and I will drive to Houston and kick your... :P

Hal, I have long been a supporter of Harold Ford, but not as senator, for President. Ford is one the few reasonable democrats. He is pro business. He is conservative on fiscal matters and in the middle on social issues. He is probably to the right of W on government spending, of course that wouldn't be difficult.
He has been a regular guest on CNBC squawk box show for several years and I think he is great. He is a breathe of fresh air and a guy I think who could take a lot of national republican votes. Republicans are disgusted by the spending habits of the people they put in office and want an alternative. Ford is the man. He has done little Monday morning quarterbacking in the war on terror as so many of the present democratic candidates have done, trading national security for political gain. Ford has not done this.
Unfortunately for Ford, since he isn't a far lefty or maybe cause he isn't white, the dems haven't given him the time of day and if he wins a Senate seat it will end any hope of him as President.  I think Kennedy was the last senator to become President and that was probably cause he was sick so much he didn't have much of a voting record. Oh, I forgot,one of the votes he did show up to was Civil Rights,which he voted against. That won him the democrat nomination.
Right now we are looking at whack jobs like mccain,hillary,scarey,gore. Ford is head and shoulders above them all.

LOL.  Well Hal, at least he didn't use the C-word.

you all can laugh. I have been sending Fords office emails for three years begging him to run for president. I would have voted for him in last pres election and in the next one. I just don't think he is far enough to the left to gain support on national Dem ticket. Its a fucking shame. He is the right guy at the right time and would win it all.

Kinky for Governor of Texas. just because.

I'm supporting the Kinkster...this might be the first step in Jrs. march to the White House.


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