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My new treatment.

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Hi All,

I just started a new therapy today. a Truvada plus 2 Viramune once a day. My viral load is currently not detectable and helper cell at 580 23%  I guess pretty good but I wanted to get rid of the AZT in Trizivir because I have read so much about it and Lipodystrophy. My legs can't get any skinnier. I hope the change helps.

Does anyone have any tips about Truvada. I feel great no side effects yet:-)

Truvada is generally kind.

Viramune should be started at half-dose for 2 weeks (1 tab).  Do be aware of the serious allergic reaction it can cause, esp. in people with higher CD4 counts (like you - indeed, in the UK it is not recommended for men with a CD4 count of over 400).

Liver toxicity, rash and nevirapine

- matt

Due to the fact that I took viramune as a booster to trizivir for one year; between 2001 and 2002 my doctor started me at 400 mg with the new regime. I have not noticed anything to far out yet. Last night I had some very strange dreams but that might just be me and not the meds........ although I can never remember having so many bizarre dreams in one night. I thought that only happens with sustiva?

I've not heard it as a side effect. You can find all the side effects of drugs on the excellent lessons section on drugs that the folks at AIDSMEDs have put together...


When these side-effects are listed, only seldom is the frequency of occurrence given. I think there is a great diffirence between a side effect that only affects 1% of patients in comparison to a side-effect that affects 90% of the patiens taking the medicine in question. Are these frequencies not known or why are this valuable information not clearly stated?


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