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Scared incident in a sex club in Spain - question for the experts


Hello everyone -

I am on holiday in Spain and I did something very stupid the other day and I canīt enjoy my holiday now because I am worried to death that I my have gotten something. I gave a guy a blow job for 1 maybe 2 minutes , i didnīt  see any precum or cum in his penis but the problem that worries me is that I had a blister inside my mouth wo days ago and is still hot heeled - does this mean that if the guy was hiv pozitive there is a chance that I could be infected...

I donīt know what to make of it but was not able to sleep last night and today I am even more depressed.

Please help ' any advice will be appreciateed.

I am sorry you are so upset.

What you describe is an exceedingly low risk for HIV.

 It's up to you whether you want to test over this incident or not.

As far as factors that would facilitate infection through the oral mucousa, it's strictly theoretical. There simply have not been documented, confirmed cases sufficient to establish actual circumstances necessary for infection.

Andy Velez:
Scared, giving a blow job is at the way low end of the risk scale and even lower when ejaculation does not take place.

As Jonathan has pointed out, there are very, very few documented cases of transmission in this manner and even some of those are questionable as to reliability. On the other hand, through longterm studies of sero-dystonic couples who had lots of unprotected oral and only protected intercourse, none of the HIV negative partners became HIV+.

So, could transmission happen in this manner? Yes. In the real world it just doesn't seem to happen. You will have to decide what your comfort level is about this activity in terms of doing it using a condom or not. Ditto in terms of testing about this incident.

In general if you're sexually active it is a good idea to to regularly have a full STD panel done -- at least annually and more frequently if you are very active sexually.



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