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2 days after I was tested positive

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Welcome to the forums. Im glad you found us. You have been given alot of good advice.

The one thing I might suggest is get a notebook and write down questions that you want to ask your doctor. That way you wont forget them and then you take notes on what the doctor tells you. I know it has really helped me.

Again welcome ...take alot of deep breaths...your going to be fine.


Joe K:
Welcome Pedro,

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis but certainly happy that you found this site.  Just take your time and go at your own pace, there is no rush about anything right now, other than you taking good care of yourself.

Rather than add any advice, I'll just tell you that I have lived with HIV for 22 years and I tested when there were NO meds for treatment of HIV.  Treatment has come a long way since then and there is no reason that you will not lead a long and fulfilling life.  So just take a deep breath and try to relax and for now, just take it one day at a time.

Welcome Pedro,

I will not repeat all the good advice you've been given already, but I would like to welcome you here - it is a great place full of good people. Make yourself home and let us know how you are.


Welcome to the forums!  I was told I was poz about a year and 6 months ago so I can still recall alot of what I was thinking when I first found out.  I will tell you first don't overload yourself with information.  I did that when I first found out reading anything and everything I could find on the subject and I wore myself flat out.  I have taken a new approach and it is take one day at time.  I would first find an HIV dr you are really comfortable with and let him/her give you a run down of the situation.  Also keep a notebook so you can write down questions that you have so when you see the Dr you have them.  Ask the Dr what meds they suggest if you do indeed need them.  Take those recommendations and then do research on them.  Again, just don't wear yourself out with an information overload.  Again I am super glad you are here.  This forum is made up of some of the best people on Earth!


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