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Insurance providers accepted by NY State APIC program?


Does anyone know which specific health plan(s) to choose if the goal is acceptance in New York's ADAP "APIC" program?  Thanks.

Miss Philicia:
Just so others reading here know, APIC is New York state's ADAP Plus Insurance Continuation program, a program which is not offered in a lot of other states. 

tamsinasia, I was on APIC from 2002-2004 until I went on Medicare.  From what I recall, they're not allowed to mandate what program to enroll in.  At first I was on COBRA which they paid directly to my old employer, then when that was to end I had to enroll in a single person plan.  I can't recall everything but I know when I got a couple quotes for two different plans the amount of the premiums was very different, because the higher cost plan was one that made my co-pays very minimal (actually they were just more in line with what I'd payed on my ex-employer's plan).  I know I asked if I was require to select the cheaper plan and APIC said that they're not allowed to chose for me, so I then replied "Oh, you mean if I pick the more expensive one you'll pay it" and they said they would.  I swear I think it was $700/month and I can only imagine what it would cost now 7 years later. 

Plus you'll still be enrolled in ADAP for your meds, so you won't pay anything in terms of co-pay for this -- do NOT use your APIC insurance to pay for meds.  Only use it for medical services (doctor's visits, lab work, etc.)

Not sure where you live, but if you're around NYC I'd advice going to GMHC's Client Advocacy Unit and obtaining case management.  If you're dealing with things like APIC they should get you around the first line of volunteers during in-take and talking directly with a paid staff member to answer all of your questions.


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