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Panic Attacks

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Have you tried (to learn) meditation?
I have good results with it re: panick attacks (more anxiety attacks in my case)
and sleeplesness. Be Well.

I also take 0.5 mg Xanax as needed.  I've never needed to take more than one a day--and I don't take one every day, either.  Sometimes just knowing that I have some on hand is enough to calm me down.     

do you have a thing called bach rescue remedy there? Its either a sprary, liquid or cream. The spray and liquid you put in your mouth, it tastes slightly alcoholic but it always always curbs my nerves and panic attacks. I get them pretty bad.

Also the old plastic bag blowing trick, counting to 8 each time you breathe and breathe right down into your tummy and feel it there.

Other thing is exercising, it helps to disperse it.

I know how it feels its rank

These are very common for many people, hiv or not. They kinda run in my family. I have had them, more so when I was in my 20's. My sister has them a lot and is on medication. Also, if she gets one at night she makes her husband get up and take a walk with her around the house or neighborhood. That calms her down. As for me, after realizing I wasn’t going to die from them, my mind let me ignore them and defuse them pretty fast without medication. Now I seldom get them, or if I do start one I just pet and play with the dogs and takes my mind off them. You just have to take the attitude "I know this wont kill me, I'll get over it", and you suddenly do. But boy are they sure a strange feeling when they hit, out of nowhere.


--- Quote from: allanq on August 03, 2006, 11:02:08 PM ---Edited to add: I think this topic should be in the Living With forum. It's certainly not "casual conversation."

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Nope it shouldnt be in the Living with Forum because 1.)Im a neggie and 2.) As someone else said, people experience this HIV or not and 3.) this is an off-topic forum and not just casual conversationa.

Anyway, I appreciate all the responses.  It seems to hit me most after I have a full stomach, then the panic sets in like Im about to throw up.  And though throwing up is not pleasant, it really wouldnt be the end of the world, but yet I get all panicky.  99% of the time I DONT throw up.

I usually turn on music and pace back and forth to try to get my mind off it.  But sometimes, its a real bitch...last night it was close to 3 hours before I felt ok again.

PS Never heard of Bach Resuce Remedy...where can I get it?


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