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Found this on Buzzfeed - silly websites. This one finds someone pointing at your cursor wherever it is:

Here's the whole collection:

buzzfeed has stolen sooo much of my life. :D
thank you for helping me waste more time, mecch LOL

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help thousands of gay men.  I thought of this a year ago-- using "In The Arms Of The Angels" to shed light on what gay men go through with their daily selfies.  I have a few friends that come to mind.  How many friends do you have, who could benefit?  And, do these folks not have any friends, who can take the pic?  Instead, thousands--millions perhaps--are forced to take a pic in the mirror, where their Abercrombie and Fitch letters will read backwards.


I love her
Lady,s, Gentlemen and Inberweenies I share with you the Pride off my Homeland this piece off art chosen for Zack but ,I beg you watch Sheezus as well. Buy the Album and wallow in worldly wit and the Beauty that only those with a true Pop sensibility have.

Words fail me:

I would say, she certainly has a bitchin bod for a mom. Suspected fake says the comments.


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