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Thought this was very clever and sweet.

It is rare to capture the moment a relationship ended.  A man attaches a ghost puppet to the TV, in order to scare his sleeping girlfriend.  It is inspired by the ghost/zombie coming out of the TV in the movie, "The Ring."  I now want to try this.  However, I worry my TV will get smashed.

I'm glad that guy isn't one of my mates. Did you read his blurb at the bottom of the video? He's one of those people who thinks slipping a person laxatives is a "prank". As someone who suffers from chronic diarrhea, I do NOT think it's funny in the least. I didn't before I had this problem either.

Someone in my high school played a similar "prank" on a heavy-set kid, replacing a kit-kat bar with an ex-lax bar. The kid he did it to ended up so sick (and covered in shit at school) that he had to be taken to the ER. NOT FUNNY.

Eh, maybe I just need a sense of humour transplant this morning. The ghost prank wasn't too bad - and allegedly she saw the funny side - but anyone who slips someone else laxatives has got a mean streak a mile wide. That's not a prank, it's abuse.

Ok I'll shut up now.  :-X


Snuffy the seal gets released back into the ocean...

I need a pair of 9 inch heels STAT!

Yanis Marshall Spice Girls..

How are there no twisted ankles?

FIERCE @ 1:57


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