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The sublime lumigraph.

Invented by painter and filmmaker Oskar Fisching.

I just listened to the "New Broadway Cast Recording" of Follies. (2011)
Elaine Paige sings it nicely.
I've heard Elaine Stritch's versions a million times.
Rarely this one: Dolores Gray

I'm sexy and I know it.

People of Walmart#761

I think its fun to see the freaks weirdos and shameless wtfs.  But some in the collage are there because they are obese, and I still think thats mean, and just not amusing, to mix in.

No video, but a question.  I just noticed on the YouTube app for my phone and IPad, there doesn't seem to be a private message function like there is on the desktop version.  I was trying to message someone.  I didn't even see an inbox on the app to read my previous messages.

Anyone know what's up?  Am I missing something, or do you have to be on the desktop version to send and read messages?  I opened it on my mobile browser.  That did give me access to my inbox, but there still wasn't a way to send someone a message. 


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