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I had a  negative test well outside the window period since any unprotected intercourse.  Great!'s the question.  The only activity since then was ONE unprotected receptive oral with a partner of unknown status (though assures me neg...and I know he wouldn't knowningly lie..but WHAT IF..ya know?).  I've read all the information....the welcome thread, etc...I know that it is a low risk activity.  And, I'm almost at the point that I can accept and move past my irrational fear.  I guess I am just wondering if it would be totally irresponsible of me NOT to test?  I know for a fact that up to this one incident I was neg...Why did I end up wondering again?  I'm just a "big sucker"  Pun TOTALLY intended. 

I know you guys are sick of the oral questions....I jut thought I'd get an opinion on this. 

You are not going to get HIV from receiving a blowjob.

No...I'm a female....I didn't receive....I gave.

Andy Velez:
If you haven't already read the lesson on this site about transmission I recommend doing so now.

Giving oral is at the low end of the risk scale, and even lower if ejaculation does not take place orally. There have been very, very few documented cases of transmission in this manner and much more data which supports the risk being more theoretical than actual.

Hopefully you have learned from your previous experience and are now always having protected intercourse. That means the guy has to be wearing a condom everytime, no matter how great he looks or what you think you know about his history. A latex condom is a must. Period.

So testing in relation to this incident  is strictly up to you.

In general anyone who's sexually active is wise to get a full STD panel done at least annually and more often if there is genuinely risky business like unprotected intercourse.

Oh believe me....lesson  learned...many many lessons actually.  I have read the transmission section of this site and thebody, etc...I know it's on the low end of the risk scale...I guess I'm really not a risk taker at heart. Absent a few "mistakes" along the way.  No more unprotected intercourse. Oral...I'm just so torn.  I mean..don't think I'll do unprotected again...which makes me so sad.  But, I don't think the anxiety it puts me through is worth it.  Let me rephrase...I don't think the anxiety that I put me through is worth it.

Sorry to bring up another question that never dies.  I just want to find some peace mentally...testing would probably do that (hopefully) but I ....well, I'm tend to be a bit of a hypocondraic and I think my doctor is totally sick of me! (though he does get a good chuckle every now and again)  When i went to him for a test last time (having unprotected vaginal) he assured me that the chances were slim....even when I insisted for a test out six months...if I go again...well, I guess I'm just embarassed. (Don't yell...the embarassment doesn't come from the HIV test...comes from the actions that lead me to have to test.!)

Oh well....thanks for your input guys.  I guess I'll have to learn to deal with this anxiety :(....xanax anyone? Jk  ;)Jk


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