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Are most polls started just to use the poll function?

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Hey, I like the poll function and totally plan to use it in the future when I need advice from a post; like "should I, or shouldn't I"...

I think it's just gotten a bad wrap...  well, that and having polls with ridiculous choices (see above).


I cannot imagine a situation, other than voting on the simplest of issues, where it would be the best of all possible worlds to utilize the poll feature. I mean, this is a discussion board, yes? Where we can, you know, talk about stuff beyond a simple yes or no.

JR Gabbard:

   BUSTED!!!   ;D

   But seriously, I thought it would be the best format for the thread I started yesterday.  I still think that today.  It did seem to generate some controversy, but I like controversy, don't cha know.....


Sometimes people's answers from a discussion dance around an issue so much that you cannot pin-point what they really think.  At least a binary yes or no gives the answer in short... then followed by discussion if they so choose.


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