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When I was diagnosed ('95), I had a small outbreak of Oral Hairy Leukoplakia (sp?). My doc said that the virus that causes OHL may serve as a catalyst for HIV. He put me on Acyclovir (400mg, 2x) along with my HIV cocktail.

I read something the other day that said Acyclovir in combination with some HIV meds might cause fatigue so I'd like to stop the Acyclovir.

I know a lot of people take Acyclovir for Herpes outbreaks, but I don't have Herpes. Is anyone else taking Acyclovir as a prophylactic like me?

I'll talk to my doc about stopping it when I go in September, but just curious in the mean time.


OHL is treated short-term with high doses of acyclovir, eg  3 grams/day, 800mg/5 times a day, for 2-3 weeks or until symptoms resolve. High-dose acyclovir is sometimes used for patients who have recurrent symptomatic OHL as a mintenance treatment, but the evidence base for this is weak (if it works, it works etc).  Your dose is kinda low.  Does it work?

Combo often resolves the issue, as does achieving a CD4 count over 300.

- matt

Good question ...Actually I take acyclovir too with my meds and feel tired more than before I started meds....Any body knows if its true?

I've never had an outbreak of OHL other than that first one (11 years ago). My t-cells are high (they've been between 600 and 700 for 8 years) and viral load is undetectable other than a small "blip" once in a while. I contacted my former doc and he agreed there is no reason to be on the Acyclovir, so I quit yesterday. We'll see if I notice any change in the fatigue, but my ex-doc thinks the fatigue is more due to AZT. He wants me to switch from Combivir to Epzicom or Truvada (see new posting).


well ..I am on truvada and viramune and taking acyclovir still tired than before


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