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Male masturbation

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If my penis with a burning abrasion is heavily masturbated by a hand with some scratches and cuts that are  bleeding am I at risk to catch h.i.v.?
Thank you so.


I suppose that you can hardly shake a hand with a big bleeding wound in the palm and immediatly then to smoke a cigarette with nonchalance with zero risk to catch h.i.v..
Am I right?
This post It's about blood in the mouth, is an example of a real similar situation, please can you give confermation?
Thank you very much, I just wanna pacify my mind!

Keep all your questions in your orginal thread. Your questions will not be answered until you return to your orginal thread.

Even if the blood in the other hand contains high quantity of h.i.v. and the burning abrasion is a little bleeding too, due to that kind of intercouse?
Sorry for this integration but I don't wanna be missunderstood.
Very happy becouse this forum is very helpfull.


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