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Tat Oyi vaccine trials to begin in 2007

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--- Quote from: J220 on December 01, 2006, 01:36:31 PM ---There is so much public scrutiny on the world hiv problem that I doubt that a single company or a group of companies can just block research at their whim. At worse they can choose not to use their resources to work on finding a cure, but I doubt they can engage in a world-wide conspiracy to block the search for a cure. There are just too many parties and variables involved for this to happen.

--- End quote ---

I couldnt have said it better myself. :)


I can honestly say that I have hope that if not a cure at least a treatment/therapy that would keep us healthy and alive will be found very soon. I honestly despise those people who comment and say that there will be no cure nor vaccine in the near future. Those people not only are discourging themselves but many people who have been living with HIV for years. I feel strongly that we all must try our best in keeping ourselves clean from recreational drugs/ use vitamins and think good thoughts to stay healthy. I was recently diagnosed with the virus and feel like the world just came down but have picked myself up and keeping my spirit alive to keep my body alive.

This vaccine should be talked about more to keep those in despair and hopeless with some hope.


After 7 years, some news on the Tat Oyi therapeutic vaccine:

Clinical trials announced for new AIDS vaccine
Marseille Public University Hospitals (AP-HM) announced on 29th January that they are to carry out clinical trials on a new treatment vaccine for AIDS. Following research by Dr. Erwann Loret, the trials are to be held in France and led by Dr. Isabelle Ravaux from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Marseille H˘pital de la Conception (AP-HM). She talked to Doctissimo about the hopes for the Tat Oyi vaccine.

The complete interview here:

Wow, it's been a long time.

But I guess once the trials start they'll know quickly if (or how well) it works or not.

If they recruited the 48 patients for Phase 1 of the clinical trial on the schedule provided in the interview, they should be announcing the results next month.  Let's hope for some good news.


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