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Not sure what i m suffering from ?

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I am 30 year old.2 months before i had sex 2 times with all precaution(Condom) but at first time i ejaculated inside condom and her.after 2 weeks i had fever and body pains ,i had gone with himogram test 2 times basing which doctor gave some medicine by which i recover.but still i feel body pain.still i have pains in my left knees joint and heel, hence i m worried.

I m not sure do i have HIV ?do i need to get test ,if yes then what is suggested ?

Whatever your symptoms are, are not caused by HIV. You had protected sex and didn't have a risk. If your symptoms concern you see your doctor.

Thanks for such a quick reply.

But i already visited doctor ,For this they just give antibiotics or pain killer considering this as viral infection.
I am afraid to disclose my fear of HIV to doctor hence done himogram test basing that doctor said i just had some viral nothing else.

but my knee joint and heel pain occured after i had this incident and still persist.
I am worried :((

Andy Velez:
There is nothing in anyway HIV-specific about your symptoms. That's not surprising since you didn't do anything that put you at risk for HIV. You used condoms. They provide very effective protection no matter what the status is of your sexual partners.

You need to speak frankly with your doctor so that he/she can make a proper diagnosis. Whatever is going on has nothing to do with HIV. Period.

Thanks Mr Rod and Mr Andy,

One more question,Just missed to tell you that i also had small burn and pain when i do musterbed and ejaculate.this also happening after that incedent.

I may get married next year.i Just want to confirm i am clear so that next person shld not suffer.which test u advise ?

Once again thanks for ur prompt replies ..!


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