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Hi! please can someone tell how long the hiv virus can still alive outside the body, for example in e temperature above 75 degree? Thank you for your time all of you guys.


Hiv is a virus and therefore it is not "alive" in the sense that most things are alive. However, hiv is a very FRAGILE virus that quickly becomes damaged and unable to infect when it finds itself outside the human body. It's not just the differing temperature, it is also the different moisture levels and pH levels that will affect it.

I'm going to tell you right now - we don't play guessing games here. If there is a situation you are concerned about, tell us and we can give you a risk assessment. It's a lot easier to come right to the point than play a game of 20 questions. (and don't worry, we've heard it all before!)

Please read through the Welcome Thread and follow the Lessons links found there before posting again. Thank you.


First I want to tell you guys that I am scare to get hiv, I think I need help or I am getting crazy. My situation I think is ridicules, I was watching a movie and than masturbating my self and some skin of my penes came off…later I saw the cd that have like sperm on it. What if I touch the sperms before. I think I was not and any risk, but why I care so much… what can I do to forget this. I hope get some advising anyways thank all you guys for being here.


What you describe is not a risk for hiv infection.  No how.  No way.  (and yes, that's even if the substance on the cd was someone's hiv infected semen, and you touched it, etc, etc,...).


You can't infect yourself, you can only infect others if you have HIV and you wouldn't infect them by masterbating. Read the "Welcome" thread and follow all links.


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