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Dear ANN
I was supouse to be out of risk for receiving oral sex ,the girl did some lacerations on my pennis during the act, but after having sex with my wife she develop sllowen lymp nodes, rash...during two weeks.......she did a test rubeola, mononucleosis and all came back negative, then i started to feel guilty and go for a hiv test after 5 months and 1 week  came back negative
Can i considering repeat the test at 6 months or is that clouse to accept  i am negative
Receiving oral sex is considering theoreitical, but there is a chance?
I was told that maybe i a  non responder for a vaccination against hepatitis b,is that change the time to me to produce antibodies?
Doctor says the cause of the illnes of my wife is a virus, but never imagine HIV, because we are married that steress my out
please any advice

Post your questions in your orginal tread and do not start new threads. Take the time to read the posting guidelines that are found in the "Welcome" thread.

Tk, the original was in spanish, thats why i posted here to have another opinion
thanks anyway


I'm quite sure you were told in the Spanish forum that getting a blowjob is NOT a risk for hiv, even if she cut you up a little. You didn't need testing and you certainly do NOT need further testing.

You ARE hiv negative. It's time you got on with your life.



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