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Dr.'s appt today

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I had my first appt since Feb 1st today.  IT kinda sucked.

T-cell 221
VL 74

Still not undetectable.  I fully expected to be.

He's adding another drug to my regimen.  Ziagen.  I will start that when I get back from Montreal. As I don't wanna be dealing with unknown side effects when I'm there.

On another more frustrating note:  The damned clinic that I used to go to.  The one where the PA didn't "have time" to talk to me to my satisfaction.  The one that didn't give me tests for other STDs even though I requested them.  The one that dismissed the allergic reaction to Sustiva that landed me in the hospital for 3 days.   This dumb bitch also gave me a rectal exam and said that hemmoroids (Sp?) were causing my discomfort.  I talked to my Dr. today and told him the were getting worse and he did an exam.  Yeah.  Like I originally thought.  It's HPV and I will need to have surgery to have them removed.  I look forward to it, but I hear it's very painful. 


I hate my old clinic.

Hey fellow artist!

Sorry to hear that your results are not as good as you hoped. Sound like you have made a very wise decision in changing clinics!



Hey Danny,

Congrats on going over 200!!!!!  YAY!!

As far as the VL goes, it may very well be a blip.  IF not, 74 is darn close to being U/D.

The surgery?  Ouch.  May as well get it out of the way though.  Glad you finally found someone who knows their asses from a hole in the ground.


 I don't know how she could confuse hemmoroids, with anal warts. There is no excuse for that . I have had both, and there is quite a differance.

 Are they internal, external or both. I have been using "Podofilox " topical solution,( for external) and they have virtually made mine disappear. There is very little visible anymore. I will be watching to see if they return. I tried the Aldarra cream, but had no luck with that. The podofilox, worked EXTREEMELY well.

May I ask what the Ziagen is being added to? I am not sure of your regemin. I think you should be getting blood test every 3 months. Is that possible? That is just my unprofessional opinion.


Andy Velez:
Thanks for that update.

Ouch about the anticipated HPV treatment.

Mostly I just want to say how well you are handling all of these ups and downs, Danny. Well done on your part.



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