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Unsafe Clinician???


Unsafe Clinician?:

I am a gay man who had a low risk sexual encounter about 15 weeks ago (protected anal) and Unprotected insertive oral. I then was involved in a bout of mutual masturbation. (No risk correct?)

Anyway, here is my current dilemma.  I finally built up enough courage to get tested after all of this insaner worrying. I went to a local Lesbian and gay center here in Ohio. I was tested via the oraquick rapid blood test (20) minutes results.

I was second in line to be tested. The man in front of me was nervous and the two of us struck up a conversation to help ease some of the tension...he later was confirmed positive as he thought. I on the other hand tested negative.

The clinician that tested me was the same that tested him. She said that she had been testing people for 8 years and seemed very cold throughout the process.

I am SCARED because I have never tested via blood always the Oral swab. The lancet that she used was grey in color and had a small red bottom with a clear plastic cap. Could it be possible that she could of used the same lancet on me that was used for the man in front of me..?? Can you use those more that once? Also the blood specimen loop that she used ...Could it have been reused or do those tests come with a new blood specimen loop enclosed?

What really concerns me after the fact is that she didn't even use gloves to carry out the procedure. Maybe she is a "pro" at this but I think that it would warrant wearing gloves dint you? Could I have been infected from her in general?

The thought of this terrifies me. I have lost a lot of sleep and this is all that I think about. I dint want to have to wait another 3 months. It was AWFUL waithing before.

Am I over reacting? Please advise.

Thank you for your time.

Unsafe Clinician?:
Forgot to mention....Not that it matters but I was the insertive partner (protected) during the anal sex.

Thank you,

You had protected sex and you didn't have a risk at any clinic. You are conclusively negative.

Andy Velez:
Condoms provide very effective protection. And nothing else you are reporting put you at risk. This is not an HIV situation.

Stop with all the drama. You never even needed to get tested in the first place.


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