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Final Destination 3 3-D

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Has anyone seen Final Destination 3 3-D version? I seen it (the DVD that is) at walmart and had not known Final Destination 3 had been done. And in 3-D???
Is it like the first two or a really bad third try?

Not that the first two were anything but drive-in movies.

it was really really bad.

quality was like if the first one was rated 10... the third would be rated 3.

ok to watch but a bad sequel.

I totally agree with Dingo about the quality in the third being horse-shit.  I kind of liked the second Final Destination, but then again I was stoned out of my gord so anything seemed good at that point.   ;)

I liked the first two (perhaps this should be in the "True Confessions" thread?)

I can do 3-D movies for about 5 minutes tops...then they're just a pain-in-the-ass.

Well... I rented this and I thought it wasnt too bad. Pretty much like the first two, no better or worse. But I liked the charters in this one better, and the opening carnival scenes.
But I thought this was in 3-D ????

The rental was not, but I was sure I seen this forsale at walmart saying it came with 3-D glasses.
Or was I wrong? The box photo looks like its 3-D, but can you get the DVD with 3-D glasses?

PS. Those that watched this film, did you notice the small part with the guy from Queer As Folk?
He was one of the coaster ride operators in the beginning. It will be interesting if he gets more parts
in films now, especially teen horror films.


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