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I am a married heterosexual male in the uk and was very fit and rarely ill. After having unprotected sex with a female friend back at the beginning of september, i started feeling really tired and aches and shooting pains all over my body about 1 week after this risk. I also lost my healthy appetite and developed a constant dry mouth and white coating on my tongue. I am always feeling very nauseous but have not had any vomit. My legs and arms have started with prickling and burning sensations which are worse at night and my left hand small finger has a numb feeling. I am finding it difficult to fall a sleep and am waking up with a sweat. My stomach is constantly making noises and I am bringing up lots of gas and have lost 10 pounds in weight. I know that you cannot rely on symptoms so went to my local GUM clinic for a full sexual health check up at 4, 7, 11, and 13 weeks past my risk and all results were negative and they said that my risk was very low and there was nothing else they could do for me and that i should visit my doctor. Since then my wife started with diarrhea and sickness and came out in itchy hives all over her body which come and go. Is it possible that my 13 week test could be false as i am still feeling very sick and that i have not finished seroconverting ? Would it be normal for these early symptoms to be going on for this long (107 days) and is this why my results are negative or would something have shown up by now ? I went to my doctor who did normal blood tests e.g flu, thyroid, diabetes etc, and all were ok. Any advice from the experts as to weather i should test again would be much appreciated.

Andy Velez:
Trump, I don't see any reason to doubt the validity of your HIV tests. You are HIV negative.

Seroconversion symptoms, if they are going to occur noticeably at all,, do not show up sequentially nor are the symptoms you are reporting either indicative of same nor in any other way HIV specific. As for their kinship with whatever is occuring with your wife, I suggest you both need to have checkups with your doctor(s). You can't pass on something you don't have and you don't have HIV.

In addition to whatever is the real cause of your symptoms, what I suspect you do have is something very common to men who have strayed -- a big dose of guilt and anxiety. If that is so for you, you are just a dawg like a lot of us here. You went straying. You can't undo that so see it, accept it, take a breath, let it go and get on with your life.

I see no reason based in HIV science to consider yours to be an HIV situation.


Andy, Thanks for the prompt reply. Just one more question. The doc at the GUM clinic said my risk was very low and has got me thinkin that they took my blood and did not test it because of costs etc. To me, I think my risk was a risk and I have since found out that the female I had sex with, has had quite a few partners and that if she was prepared to have unprotected sex with me, how many more unprotected partners has she had ?

Anyone else had these symptoms which last for this long (3 month) ?

Andy Velez:
This is all "head stuff" going on with you. Doubts, anxiety, uncertainty. And as far as I am concerned don't change the basic fact that you have repeatedly tested negative, including at reliable testing points.

You're HIV negative. If you have ongoing troubling symptoms that's something to discuss with your doctor. And bear in mind that stress can certainly play a significant role with those.


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