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Hello, I want to know am I at risk from this situation:

My friend who had two small cuts (not opened, and I think not fresh) on his finger, was using my computer (mouse and keys). When he left, and 10 minutes passed, I sat in front of my computer, went on some porn sites and start to masturbate.  During this 'operation', I was touching both mouse and keys and of course my penis (also mucous membrane). There was no visible blood on mouse or keys, only very-very small stains from dirt - I think nothing infective.
After I finished masturbating I become anxious, with question in my head: what if I cached HIV touching (maybe) 'infected' keys and mouse, and than my penis. Am I at risk from described situation?
PS. I am diagnosed OCD for years, and HIV anxiety overwhelms me sometimes... I read the information about three common ways of HIV transmission million times, but OCD doesn't allow me to live freely and normally!
Waiting for your answer...
Thanks a lot...

Andy Velez:
Milisav, any form of masturbation you can come up with, whether solo as you have described or mutual with someone else, and even with someone who might be HIV+, is absolutely no risk whatsoever for transmission of HIV.

HIV is a fragile virus which needs the kind of setting which unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse provides to be transmitted successfully. Read our lesson on Transmission which there is a link to in the thread which opens this section. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come so you need to become better informed. That way you can protect yourself and also spare yourself unnecessary worry such about this current concern of yours.


Thanks for your quick reply, but...

What freaks me the most is this 'what if' situation: what if on computer (mouse and keys) stayed some blood from his scared finger, which I didn't saw well, and that i was with that 'stain' via my hand touched mucous membrane on penis. From his and mine touching of computer passed about 10 minutes, and I red that 2 seconds if enough for HIV virus to die... I hope that I'm now more precise with question about risk?

HIV is not transmitted outside its host or from environmental surfaces. At no time were you at risk of contracting HIV.

Andy Velez:
Buddy, your computer keyboard could have been dripping with HIV+ semen and blood and it still wouldn't make any difference. How much clearer or more forcefully can I state it than that? There was no risk whatsoever nor can there be in that kind of situation. As Rod has told you, HIV is not transmittable via environmental surfaces, including your keyboard. Period. End of story.


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