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wasting syndrome

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What do you do when you've tried everything. The more I eat thr more I loose.27 yrs positive and it's the first time I'm scared

You say you've tried everything. Does that you mean you've tried taking testosterone/anabolic steroids to combat the wasting?


I just went off the steroids, they about killed my kidneys

This is not an endorsement, but have you been in touch with Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel? They seem to be experts on the subject, and perhaps they would have specific strategies on how to tackle your problem. Sorry to hear things have been rough.

You might want to post more specifics, so the people on this site have more information to go by (your steroid cycles, other strategies, all the relevant numbers etc).


i have often wondered how long my body could realistically last because of all the toxic drugs that i have injested into my system.all of my friends have died and most of them were on the same drugs,so it makes me wonder why i am the only one left?THE BODY CAN ONLY HANDLE SO MUCH!!!I DO TAKE GOOD CARE OF MYSELF,WORKING OUT AND TRYING TO EAT RIGHT BUT I'M SLOWLY GETTIN TO THE POINT THAT I WANT TO REALLY JUST GIVE UP.and i'm not feeling sorry for myself either,i just fine myself existing in this world and not really being able to live in this world.i tend to shy away from wanting to meet new people (and i have always been a very attractive masculine,intelligent latin man.I find myself praying for the end(and hopefully it would be quick and with some amount of dignity)I AM NOT DEPRESSED AT ALL AND I DO KNOW THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE IT SO MUCH WORSE.DO I NEED A GOOD SLAP IN THE FACE OR WHAT??


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