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Email addresses are very visable now!

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To show or not to show your email address?

Well, I've decided to show the email address Peter gave me not long after we got the new forum into the testing phase. I only use it for forum related stuff anyway, but if I start getting loads of spam or weird stuff I'll probably take it back down.

I would suggest to anyone who wants to have an email address showing, to create one specially for use in connection with the forum, using yahoo or one of the other rather generic programs. This way, you won't be getting emails clogging up your regular email account.

You can change your email address in the Account Related Settings section of your profile - it doesn't have to be the one you signed up with, but it must still be a working address. That is also the place to go if you want to hide or un-hide your address.


I'm using a disposable email account for exactly that reason.   Should it ever been spam attacked, I'll just change it :)

I'm A Newbie To This Forum Please Be Gentle
I have been going through the Posts trying to determine which one I should be posting this question in without going off topic?

I have received 5 emails in the POZ Personals to my delight however when I have reviewed the Membership Listing none of these people appear anywhere. 

How is this possible particularly I am concerned that is it probable that information which I have shared on this site could be compromised or am I being too sketchy.

This is my first attempt at reaching out to feel secure within a Group and I have been living with my Diagnosis for 6 years now.

Thank you

Hi CApronda....

Welcome to our 'forum' family....we are an eccentric bunch, but full of wonderful support, encouragement, and a wealth of information.

Our 'Moderators' take spamming very seriously here, and will take every precaution to protect our privacy.

I have been a member since last September, and have experienced tremendous inspiration, for the most part, the entire time. If I've read your screen-name correctly, I, too, am residing in California...up north, in the foothills.

BTW, I really like your's intriquing!

All my best,



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