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Finally, me and Nuno have internet at home again. Nuno is OK, but he probably will star meds in September after our wedding. His last CD4 were 250 and the worst was % 13. His vl went down from 50000 to 9000. This was at the end of July.
We knew blondbeauty when he passed in Lisbon last month. He is cool and truly beautiful in all sense.
Nuno is again working for the airlines. We hope that everything be OK.

p-s - >Juan , nuno took your pill boxes for his first travel this week.Thank you. He went to Dominican Republic.

Today is Nuno's birthday . He's now 24 years old. It's his first birthday knowing he is poz, and he is so far away from me, family and friends. I hope God gives him strength to feel well. For me it's hard not being with him in this happy day and at the same time hard day for him. It's his last birthday before we get married.
Nuno was happy for just one reason: we got off his 23 years old , the age of his diagnosis. The wedding in 9 September will be at a new age of life. ( 24).

Kisses to the old friends and to the new ones.

I've been thinking about you and was wondering where you disappeared to.  Glad you are back. You were missed!


Hello Madalena, it is Eldon. Welcome back to the forums where you can share your experiences and get the support you need from our loving family. It is a good thing that your (to be) hubby's VL went down the way it did.

We wish to extend Nuno a Happy Birthday and many more to come! Again, welcome back!

Hi Madalena,

It's good to hear from you!

A very happy birthday to Nuno, and I wish him many many more!



Oi, menina!

I  was worried also, since I hadn't got any news from you guys in such a long while...!  Hope all is well in Lisbon.

P.S.  Um Feliz Aniversario para o Nuno.


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