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As my story goes, I was diagnosed in August of 1990 for HIV. Since that time I did not let HIV take over my life. I continued to work and have lived my life as anyone normally would. Just recently in Feb 2006, I started meds. I am on Epzicom and Reyataz as a breakfast cocktail. I just recently got my Lab Results back and I wanted to get some opinions on it. I just started tracking as of 02.10.2006 as well as treatment by my doctor:

02.10.2006 -- CD4 was 56 and my VL was 9,260...@5%

06.27.2006 -- CD4 was 126 and my VL was under 400...@11%

I beleive the meds are working. Feedback? I think it is a good thing.

looks like they're working, Eldon!
It took me nearly 3 years to hit a cd4 over 200 and a percentage in the double-digits, so I think you're off to a great start.
That percentage number did a nice jump there!

Hello Eldon, yes the meds are working but you doc should be asking for a viral load test that measures to less than 50 copies, which is target for viral load by current treatment standards.

- matt

Hello Matt(newt), it is Eldon. i will ask my Docor that when I go to see him on Tuesday of next week. My case manager had mentioned something like that earlier when I called to get the test results.

Hey buddy they look pretty darn good to me.   ;D

Take Matt's advice about the more sensitive vl test though.



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