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LES Jake:
I am currently on Kaletra and Trizivir. It's helping, but not a whole lot. I want to change meds. Not much works for me. I was working with one doctor and we were considering switching to Fuzeon with Prezista with a Norvir booster. I understand I need to add one more to the mix in order for this to work. Any ideas on how  I can research this? Also my doctor suggests to wait until the end of the year when other drugs will hit the market and will help someone who's as resistant as I am. My tcells last time  around were 180 with a viral load of around 3000. I want both numbers to improve and  want to be agresssive  in my approach. So I look to you, my people, to  help me to amass as much good information to supply my doctor when I visit him on August 15th.

As always, thanks

Hello Raymond,

1. Do you have any resistance info/past treatment history?

2. Presizta is very good resistance-wise.  Whether this is sufficent without T-20 to get you undetectable will depend on your nuke resistance picture (hence Q1).  But is is a possibility. 

- matt


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