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Thank you all. I could read my final goodbye to my best friend Magda today.

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Today Magda was cremated and laid to rest.

You were all with me when i stood up and walked to the pulpit to read my final goodbye to her in front of a full church.

Although overwhelmed with grief I managed to get a hold of myself.
I watched her coffin and read 2 pages.
A lot of it were things that would have made her smile.
She was stubborn, but Iloved her.

Goodbye Magda. That is for here.
Stay around as one day I will greet you again, free of HIV.

Your friend and soulmate Herman



YOu are in my prayers today. Even tho we have never ment my love for you is like my love for my brother. We are a family here and right now this family is feeling your hurt, and holding you close. Remember, she is not really that far away from you, you have your memories, and if you ever need to talk to her go ahead, she is there, in your heart and she will listen and you will feel her right beside you, loveing you as she always has.

Love Wendly

Oh Herman!  :-* Many kisses, much love, a few tears.


Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and sending you good thoughts and my love.



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