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Thank you once again Andy. I have been reading the website more carefully after your reply and feel that i know a whole lot more about HIV compared to what i knew just this morning. I had a follow up question and was wondering if u have the time to answer me, would appreciate it a lot. Since body rashes are common on people just infected, what part of the body do they usually appear ( thinking about my left leg as i explained in my first posting)? what about signs on the tongue, a white-yellow cover over the tongue , how normal is that?

Do not wanna waist your time , answer me when u have the time.

By the way ,just curious;;; are u a Doctor or just a person whit a lot of experience in these matters?



Your rash is nothing like the rash associated with ARS, which doesn't itch and doesn't appear on the legs.

You didn't have a risk of hiv infection, so how could you possibly be experiencing anything related to hiv?

Neither getting a blowjob nor protected intercourse are risks for hiv infection.


Thanks Ann for the answer. Extremly helpful to know about the rash. You guys are wonderful with the kind of help you are providing to people like myself. I have been worried sick because of this for about a month now, i wish i had asked my questions already then.

One last question, does the muscle pain related with HIV appear all over the body? and is it fair to say that lack of fever is a good indication of not being infected with HIV? (i am saying this because i have read somewhere that some people never have fever regardless of how sick they are)



Symptoms or the lack of symptoms mean absolutely nothing when it comes to hiv infection. Some people experience none, but test positive. Some experience every symptom in the book, but test conclusively negative. One thing I can guarantee WILL give you symptoms - is reading about them.

The ONLY way of knowing your hiv status is to test. You do not need to test unless it is part of a routine sexual health care check up that any sexually active adult should be having once or twice a year, depending on the level of activity. As long as you use condoms for intercourse, you can fully expect your routine hiv tests to return negative results.

You had no risk in this particular incident and you do not need to test specifically because of it.


Andy Velez:
Read this carefully: Neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms will ever tell you anything accurately about HIV when you have had a genuinely risky incident. The symptoms of ARS, if they appear noticeably, are simply too similar so many other events like flu, etc.

So an HIV test at the appropiate time is the ONLY way to know about one's HIV status.

All of this is of course totally irrelevant in relation to your incident since you were not at risk. You had safer sex. Period. So you need to stop right here and now and get off of the what if worry wagon. And only you can control that.

You were not at risk. Period. End of story.


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