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I am really worried about HIV, first of all i would like to say that i am posting this from Denmark and if my English is not good enough i would like to apologize for it, trying my best. About six weeks ago i had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a sex worker from Romania. i have tried to read every topic about it here on the website and know that oral sex is a low risk factor but still want to write my symptoms (looking for reassurance). Two weeks later i was at the beach and when i came home later the same night i noticed that my right leg(just two inches above my angle) started itching(area as big as a coin) , after 5 days the area became very red and i went to the doctor and he said it is some kind of allergic reaction and i shouldn't worry(have never had any allergies before), the itching stopped but the red area started to grow up on my leg and went up to about 1 inch above my right knee, at the same time the rash on my leg started to lose its red color and became pinkish. The whole process took about 3 weeks until it has almost disappeared now. About the same time that the rash disappeared i started to feel pain in my left leg, usually at night and this would not allow me to sleep at night. The pain in my right leg went away after a week but the same pain started to grow on my left leg and this has been going on for 1 week now, i am into sports but can not find anything related to my training the past 4 weeks. I also noticed a white-yellow color covering a my tongue, (dint know if i am more sensitiv now, i might have had this white color on my tongue before). I have been measuring my fever twice every day and have no fever. Besides my legs i have not noticed anything else. I have also been checking my body every day to see if there are rashes anywhere else but ha vent seen anything unusual. Once again thank you for the information this site provides and i really would appreciate an answer.


From what I gather there have been no real risk for HIV infection.

You vaginal sex was protected. That is what counts.

If you have been on the receiving part during oral sex, there is no risk for HIV.

If you have been the active part (going down on the female) there is a a very, very (like minimal) small risk at best.

Your symptoms are in no way HIV specific. Anyway, symptoms are never, ever a way to diagnose HIV.

If you want, you can test after 3 months. However I donīt think itīs necessary.

Hope this helps!

Regards from Switzerland to Denmark!

(who, by the way used to be in Kopenhagen lately)

Andy Velez:
Brian, condoms provide very effective protection against HIV transmission. You were not at risk because of oral. So this is essentially a no risk situation that you're worrying about.

If you haven't already read the lesson on Transmission on this site, please do so.You can reach it through the link found in the opening thread in this section. Getting that information and consistently using condoms will allow you to enjoy your sexuality, protect your health and spare you the kind of worry you are having now.

As to your rash, simply because you have never had an allergic reaction that you can recall doesn't mean you can't have one now. And simply because you haven't had a satisfactory diagnosis does not by default mean this is an HIV situaiton.

By the way, in general it's a good idea if you are sexually active to have a full panel of STD tests done at least annually.

This time out I don't see any cause for further concern about HIV.


Thank you guys for caring enough to give me answers both of u guys. U have been most kind.

Andy Velez:
Glad to know you found these exchanges to be helpful to you.



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