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Anyone here ever experience Pancreatitis? I've been having a mild pain somewhere in the area below my belly button. The pain is a general dull pain that isn't constant. On Sunday the pain woke me at 4am and I also had bad chills. We had dinner that night at a casino buffet so I thought it was just the food. I've also been having lower back pain on my right side but tied that to the mattress and the fact that I use my right side more to compensate for my left side problems due to the PML. Now I'm just trying to decide if all of my aches and pains are related. I read this morning under the Drugs section that Pancreatitis can be a side effect from the kaletra. I don't even want to think that because everything is going so well and I don't need anymore setbacks.


I would go to the doctor.  Sounds as if this is not something you want to self diagnosis.........get a professional opinion so you can ease your fears.


Agreeing with Lisa better to consult a doctor.

Having said that, your pancreas is on the left side of your body, usually above your belly button... the area you describe is closer to your appendice (not sure what you call it exactly in english...), the ileo-coecal valvule (connection between small and large intestine), liver, eventually gall bladder.

Too much stuff to find out by yourself  ;)



You need some blood work to see if it really is pancreatitis.   I have been hospitalized for it twice, and it is NO FUN.   It affects different people in different ways...for instance, I never threw up either time I had it (and most people do, but then I have great control from years of being nauseated) and my pain was right in the center of my back.   It felt like someone had a knife in there, and the 2nd time I had it, I couldn't walk the pain was so bad, I had to go into the ER on a stretcher.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


Thanks Lisa,Pat and Alan! I guess I should listen to my partner. He has suggested seeing my doctor a few times now. I said no each time hoping it just passes and it normally does temporarily. I don't want to end up in the hospital and if it's as easy as a blood test then I think I can handle that. I'll talk to my partner when He comes home for lunch.  I also never throw up but do get nauseous. The stomach pain is center and left but the back pain is on my right. I've been through so much this last year that when I get these pains I find myself telling myself to tough up and take it.  Thanks again,I'll keep you all updated.


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