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Very happy with the Pharmacy service of my hospital.

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I just arrived from my blood extraction at the hospital. My next appointment with the Dr. is the 14th of August and I might be starting meds.
Before leaving the hospital I went to visit the pharmacy service and asked severall questions to the pharmacist.
I can only get meds supply for one month each time, unless I am going on holidays. In that case they can give me up to two or three months supply. But the best of all is they can send them home. I have to pay for the delivery but I wont have to go to the hospital once a month if I dont want to.
I am so happy. The pharmacist even called me sweetheart...

Most pharmacies here have free delivery service. As a matter of fact you can have your prescriptions  faxed to the pharmacy (avoiding the hassle of going to the pharmacy,taking a number and stand in line and return the next day...taking a number and stand in line again to pick up the meds, since retrovirals are not kept in stock).
And depending on the pharmacy you can also refill your prescriptions online.
To avoid wasting you get only a month supply when you start something new, thereafter the prescriptions are for usualy 3/4 months.

Here Hospitals´ pharmacies are usually very restrictive. But it depends on each hospital. It would be much better if antiretrovirals could be picked up in the pharmacy down the corner... But thats not the case. Fortunately antirretrovirals are always in stock in all public hospitals and you can get one day doses at the emergency rooms in case you forget to collect them before 15.00 (when they close).
Qeues??? I was the only one at the hospitals pharmacy. It was like visiting a prisioner in jail: the parmacist was behind a some steel bars...

There are alot of legitimate gripes about how some folks are treated at Pharmacies, so I always like to hear about the Good Ones.  My local Health dept. pharmacy is top notch, its not unusual to be in and out in time to hear the end of the song on the radio that was playing when I parked.

Fortune cookies are smart... ::)


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