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long term disablitly and social securtiy

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sorry everyone let me start over
I have been receiving long term disablity from my last job, and now the company thats called unum wants to me to apply for ssi. And when I am approved I get retro pay  so unum says I will than be overpayed by them
so they want the off set amount Dam I only get a 1000 a month from unum and I am sure sociial not going to be much more.  I hear social could take years to get its like I should go back to work .

Miss Philicia:
Rob, first of all I'm not sure what you mean by "ltd worker" (I know you're saying "long term disability worker" but not sure what exactly you're meaning -- does this person work directly for the Social Security Administration or some other entity?).

The only time I've heard of paying back money is when you get assistance from some OTHER government source during that period during which you are waiting for SSDI approval.  By the time you are approved they will pay you retroactively back to the point when you stopped work, so if you got any other assistance during that time you are technically liable to pay it back out of this retroactive income.  That was my case, though the bureaucracy in NYC that I got assistance from never came after for me for any of the money, so I just never paid it back.  It wasn't a huge amount so I just sat it aside in case they asked for it, and after a couple of years of hearing nothing I eventually forgot about it.

I assume what you are describing might be like this, but you're really not giving anyone here enough information.

Bob, you think you are having it hard now. You'll really be having a tough time on SSI. Try for SSDI before SSI.

hey bigrob ,
                when I applied and was denied ,my lawyer told me any money I had in savings
was NOBODIES  business as I was applying for SSDI and my money had NOTHING to do with it !

 WELL the JUDGE  concedered the money in the bank , and I had to FORFIT  my back pay
from SSDI . So it is NOT guarantied YOU will get all your back pay !

 BUT the future is what I am concerned with , and back  pay would have been nice , but
tomorrow means more to me than back pay .

 I wish you the best of luck , It IS a demeaning process ,but stick with it !

                                                                     love , Karl  :-*

Rob, I have a friend who was a teacher and got injured from one of her students jumping on her back.  She was getting disability from the state of Michigan.  When social security determined her disabled, the state of Michigan wanted the pay they had given her from what month social security determined she was disabled until she got her first SS check.  I don't know if this makes sense or not.


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