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Petition the insurance companies for payment! NOW.


Everyone who is on this site will gain if more and more people begin to request the necessary procedures to correct the effects of lipo.

If you are experiencing facial wasting or excessive fat deposits, start the process to request coverage. Too often insurance companies will simply say "no." 

This is direct discrimination.  Breast cancer patients can have breast re-construction covered.

Whether you are covered by a private insurer or Medicare... make the request.  The squeeky wheel gets the oil!

I didn't have time to wait for approval my first two times, I needed to look like a human again in a hurry because of some business I had in public. I was told by two plastic surgeons, if we can prove pain there might be a chance. I was able to get a very expensive radiation treatment for my swollen parotids covered because the dr. documented that I had pain. Too bad the radiation didn't work except for leaving me without taste for over 6 months.
Some of the plastic surgeons I talked to didn't want to take the time or trouble to file.

For those in California, check out this related thread about statutes requiring insurers to pay for reconstructive procedures:

I think that is a great idea...don't wait for them to say NO...  push the button....   be prepared for rejection and start the appeals.... I happen to qualify for Medicare  and the Military program( TFL) that pays for most everything...I expect Medicare to be a challenge  but the Military will pick up balance if Medicare approves.... I am going to try the "reconstructive"  line of reasoning...since Sculptra was approved by one Govt agency for treatment   shouldn't other govt agency honor that ?????   ( probably not but I am doing it anyway )

Medicare is "run" by private insurers so many of the same rules apply but the politics eventually leaks in and some strange decisions are made.......IE...medicare will buy you a pair of glasses but will not pay for the exam to get the prescription....they will pay for 20 sessions of doesn't matter what you go to Rehab for or how long it takes to recover from it.  there are many others I have discovered and perhaps some of you have as well

I mention these aberrations because it may help to shape some arguments for coverage by avoiding whatever got these items so twisted.

So far my treatments ( sculptra)  have been part of a clinical study but eventually I Will have to pay to keep up the  "touch ups " in the future



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