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my results have arrived,

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VL------>>>> 465,807
CD4---->>>> 490
%------>>>> 23

and there was me thinking i won the lottery when i got these :( :(

looks like i havent

23% is a very stable cd4%  are you on meds yet?

No kidding it's a bummer of a first viral load.  But the CD4 etc is good, very good (same as mine).  Do you have an idea if this is a new infection or not? Viral load can take a while to settle down if it is. It's easy to latch onto one set of numbers, but it's the trend that counts.  Two or three more sets of figs and you & your doc can form a view on what's really going on.

- matt  :)

How long since diagnosis? VL can be high for a while before it reaches its set-point.


Hello Angelofdreams, it is Eldon. Your CD4's are in a good range. Is this a new infection? Are you on any meds?


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