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I didn't know if this is Living With or Off Topic material so here it is ;)  At the end of May I shared in a thread that I signed up for AIDSWALK to happen in September. PML thew me a few curve balls but I set a goal to be up and walking enough to give the walk 200%. I set a small $$ goal of $250. I didn't begin soliciting for donations until early July and with about 45 days left I have raised $810. I was amazed to say the least. With support behind me like that there's no way I can back out now. Therapy is going well and I'm confident that I will achieve this goal for me and everyone supporting me.  Now I need to begin thinking about my next goal. My first thought is to return to work but a little voice is telling me to slow down :)



You know that I'm rooting for you! I know how far you've come with therapy, you are doing great!

As for returning to work, I must agree with you, slow down just a bit, you'll get there!

Have a fantastic evening  :)


Hi Jeff

Behind you all the will hear me yelling my support from NZ.

Jan :-*

david25luvit: Nadine, I'm rooting for you too, good buddy.  Wow!  What an accomplishment...but NO.  Don't rush it.
Perhaps your next goal could be doing odd jobs around the house and running errands when able.
That's why they call  them STEPS....because you take them one at a time.

A Big Thumbs Up :P

Hello Jeff,

 You GO guy !!! I will be thinking of you, and pulling for you. Ed and myself will be will be doing the Aidswalk this September 9 th in downtown St. Petersburg. If anyone else is interested in the Tampa Bay area private message me, perhaps we can all meet up in North Shore park !!

Good luck Jeff------Ray


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