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Single female 53 positive

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Hi Veronica,

Welcome to the family! Don't despair, there are many here at the forums who have been positive for a long time. Myself I have been positive for almost ten years, and I am feeling stronger now than I have done in a long time. When I first got my diagnosis I also thought I only had a few years left to live, but luckily time has proved me wrong.

Looking forward to learn to know you better!


Hello Ronnie, and Welcome to our Forum Family!

Me, I'm Single female 52 positive

Forum Member? Since September 2005.

Reaction? I fell in love with the people (our community) head over heels, each and every one.

HIV? Since 1992. I have it, IT DOES NOT HAVE ME.

Other women? Ann, Trish, annibec, Rasheen,Teresa, Lisa (sweetieweasel), Lisa (sdgirl), Nadine, Nancy, Ms S (currently MIA) , purpledragonfly,
                      swede_dish, Jena, cjc, Regan (cordelia), emeraldize, Melia (sweetasmel), angels4kelly, Pam (drerp), kansanwife, eirin, Christine,
                      franfrog (currently MIA), and others I am forgetting, (sorry)



Zephyr (who lives in the mountains in Northern California)

Hi Ronnie,

Welcome to the forums. So glad that you found us. There are an amazing group of people here!

I am 48 and HIV-. We found out in May that hubby is HIV+. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found this place. I have learned so much here. The most important thing I think I have learned is that our life isn't over. There is life with HIV.

I know how over whelming  all this can be. Just remember that we are always here for you!


Good stuff here Ronnie

Our aim is true.  Welcome aboard!


Andy Velez:
Welcome, Ronnie. You've come to the right place.

Here is where you can get information and you can talk about anything that's concerning you.

The more you allow people to know you the more informed the responses can be that you'll get.

Do you have a doctor with whom you have you have a good working partnership? That's one of the essentials for staying well.

Anyone who ever promised you that life was easy or that you could to a place where it would all be fine was....misinformed. But the challenges you have to deal with, and I don't mean just about HIV, well I think you will find the company here can be very helpful in getting through.

I'm glad you have found your way here.



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