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Hi there.  I had an active account before the website changed but could not find my past thread, so I created a new account.  Did it automatically delete?

I went out with a friend of mine to a club on Friday night and we engaged in very very deep kissing, where he sucked my bottom lip a lot.  I had a wound on my that lip which was healing and which was at times oozing little fluid, but not blood.  Anyways, while we were kissing, I tasted blood and have been scared ever since.  In addition to that, he told me that he had made a huge mistake by sleeping with a woman (I assumed it to be a prostitute) and getting tested afterwards.  My fear - what if it was his blood in his mouth and it came into contact with my wound.  Is there any risk?  Three days later I got really sick - swollen tonsils and flu-like symptoms.


No risk what so ever and asumptions mean nothing. See your doctor for you symptoms. They are unrelated to HIV.

Andy Velez:
You and your buddy could easily have passed germs back and forth during your kissing moments. That's a not uncommon occurence.

However, there was no risk of HIV transmission in that incident. Theoretically it could happen but in the real world of HIV it just doesn't, never has and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first to be infected through kissing.

If your symptoms persist you should discuss them with your doctor. There's no need for HIV testing.


No risk, regardless of matter how deep, or shallow, wounds or no wounds.....Kissing is NOT a mode of HIV transmission*

wow, drama much? Deadly Kiss?

Seriously. Its no risk. Which, if you have been here before, you knew already. I hope you find a way to overcome your paranoia regarding HIV transmission. In the meantime, I'd avoid human contact of an intimate nature.


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