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I just ran into a load of crap from SSD.  I work part-time at a Whole Foods Market.  The people who were at the "lowest" level of pay ($8.50/hourly) were just given an across the board raise up to $10.00/hourly.  Also, each "Team" is given a budget, and if that team stays below budget, then what is left is distributed among those Team Members.

I had to sign a waiver refusing the raise AND bonuses, because as an SSD "client" I can't get anymore than $865.00 monthly in wages or risk losing my SSD (I get just above $900.00).  I "have" to work, as we're in this condo thanks to Housing Opportunities Commission (our accumulated SSD income is about $150.00 short of the minimum wage requirements).

This really suxors, as we (as many of you know anyhow) have to pay a Medicare premium, as well as for meds MADAP or Medicare "D" doesn't cover, much less what MEdicare and our Medigap doesn't pay for MD visits (when we get sick from "whatever").  My wife just had her gallbladder removed, and I've had to get stones checked in my kidney and gallbladder to see if they're going to be a hassle (I had Crix sludge in 1999).

I've written my State Reps, but am unsure of who else to contact about SSD restrictions.  I know there's a reason for them, but sheesh!!

Welcome to my world, Clarke.

Double check your figures, though.  I always heard it was $850 a month.  That $15 could break the camel's back.   ;)

I assume SSD and SSI are the same on income limits when the recipient is under 65.  It is very difficult to survive when they cap your income.  They you have to resort to starting home business that the gov'ment doesn't know about.   ;)

I was on SSD for one month and then got the full SSI.

Good luck and if anyone can clarify this, chime in! 


I guess politicians expect good folks to live off next to nothing...Did you see recently where Republicans finally agreed to "support" pitiful minimum wage increases but only if they were tied to exhorbitant estate tax decreases for billionaires...They would only agree to a near-living wage for the poor if their favorite constituents can reap windfalls.  Such sweethearts !!!

Jody  :(

Sad that so many minimum wage yahoos voted those fatcats into office. I certainly hope pandering to their religious/racist/homophobic bigotry has been worth the cut in wage, and quality of life.

I checked the site Pat, and it's $865.00.  I've been in "your" world since 02/14/1994 (I was immediately put on SSD as I was so sick).

I've been trying to "return" to work off and on, but have had little success.  Mostly because I get sick, and stay like that for several weeks.  Levaquine seems to be the main answer for when I "catch" something.

I just spent a couple of hours filliing out another "job info" form SSD sent.  We're really worried how this is going to pan out. The extra $$$ from this job helps us keep going, especially with co-pays or other medical stuff Medicare won't do.

We've thought about "mystery shopping", but that entails geting out, spending money that you hope will be reimbursed.  I would L-O-V-E doing some kind of "home" business, but don't know really where to start.  All of the ones that I checked into, wanted money for the "starting kit", or wanted an "investment" before they gave you any info.

I apologise to some who might think this is "whiney" as I DO know there are many with worse problems than we're trying to navigate. 


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