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Volunteers Wanted....Pen Pals are Fun


Earlier this year Sharon(a professor) from a Florida University (everybody calls her Teach) asked for volunteers for their Pen Pal program...  I volunteered and have just recently received the paper my pen pal wrote about me.  She and I emailed each other quite a bit...(actually more than was required) and I must admit talking about myself and HIV and how HIV affects my life has been very therapeutic.  Many times we IM each other and exchanged information about our personal lives and our dreams. 

The young lady that was my pen pal was very uninformed about HIV and the aspects it has on our lives.  Her paper convinced me that she not only learned a lot about the virus and the people who live with it everyday but how if affects us all in one way or another.  I encourage anyone who didn't participate in this program at the first offering (and I think several did) to do so in the upcoming semester.  I won't post her email address here but if you'll PM me...I'd be more than happy to share this information with you.

I participated in it as well.  My pal was more informed and very opinionated, which I found refreshing.  She and I have become friends also, and I am definitely signing up for the next semester.

Sounds like a good deal.  I submitted my name to "Teach" but never heard anything from her.  Maybe next time.  Good to hear of the positive experience.



just because I found this penpal project to be a rewarding experience... and for those who did not have to chance to be a part of this project, I hope some of you take David up on the offer and learn more about this program.  It's all about teaching others about living with HIV and all that goes with it, as well as making a new friend.

I'm sure David will lead you in the right direction.

Thanks for posting this David!

If anyone is interested, they can check out Sharon's thread in the old forum.

You will notice that a few forum members were a little upset at first, but keep reading the whole thread. I've also been a pen pal now - sorta twice. The first time was shortly after Sharon posted her request - one of the already existing pen pals was having health problems and I took over for him mid-semester. This past semester, which other forum members participated in, my pen pal broke her leg and had to drop the course. I will be a pen pal again in the fall semester. It really is a worth-while program.



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