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CARE Act Update from San Francisco AIDS Foundation


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Appropriations bills in limbo until after November election
-Funding increases to AIDS Programs at risk-

Last winter, the Republican leadership of Congress provided assurances that the 12 appropriations bills that fund the federal government would be approved well before the November 2006 belections.  However, the debilitating battle over budget levels and funding priorities in the House, fostered by moderate Republicans challenging the Bush Administration, dashed those expectations by mid-spring.

As usual, one of the most contentious issues before Congress is the Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations bill, which funds the majority of HIV/AIDS programs.  The Bush Administration exacerbated traditional problems with the bill by proposing funding well below current levels.  The Senate subsequently added $7 billion to the appropriation and the House added $4 billion.  The fact that a House and Senate Conference Committee must reconcile these differing appropriations places the funding levels of each of the programs covered by the bill in question.  It is now clear that the conference committee will not even meet to discuss these issues until the lame duck session of the 109th Congress begins after the November 2006 election.
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JR Gabbard:
Hi Michael--

I want to post the rest of that article, because when I read it I was stunned.  Although, why I was stunned is a mystery to me, having watched these "compassionate" conservatives for way too many years now.  I have seen what they are capable of.

Anyway, it deserves wider visibility.


From the article referenced above:

Fortunately, the House and Senate prioritized HIV/AIDS programs for increases in their respective versions of the Labor-HHS appropriations bill. The House followed the lead of the Bush Administration by increasing Title II of the CARE Act by $70 million while flat-funding all other components of the Act. The Senate split the $70 million recommended by the Bush Administration, giving a $55 million increase to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and $15 million to the Title II base. In addition, the Senate increased the other Titles of the CARE Act by $7 million overall. HIV prevention and surveillance programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were increased by $55 million to $706.3 million, $38 million less than the Bush Administration recommended. The House increased the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS program (HOPWA) by $14 million to a total of $300 million at the recommendation of the Bush Administration. Unfortunately, the Senate only approved $9 million of the $14 million requested by the Administration and approved by the House, leaving a $5 million discrepancy to be resolved during the conference process.

The bad news for proposed increases to both HIV/AIDS and other health programs is that they are built on funding gimmicks designed to help congressional members appear to be supportive of health programs in the November election. There is a strong belief that during the conference committee process, the billions in funding redirected from the Defense appropriations bill to the Labor-HHS Appropriations bill will be returned to Defense. Such a shift would require significant cuts to Labor-HHS programs.

Thank you J.R.

I'm not feeling very goor right now but I often post an article in its entirety.  I received a similar article from Craig Vincent-Jones of the Los Angeles County Counsil on HIV, and the consulting firm Susan Strong Consulting who represents the Nine California Title I EMA's.  I have given them a link to my personal web site  The Nine EMA's have been invited to write compelling articles and forward them to me to be included in this site.

As of last night my site has attracted 56,296 hits and 3,681 sessions (an average of 20 per day) since December 1, 2005.  The weekly reports show a consistent referral from  They have been made aware that this is what I have done as a person living with HIV/AIDS and on disability.  Have the best day



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