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I was tested for hiv a month ago, by antibody and also p24 which came back negative, but i am really stressed because i am thinking what if they didn't check for hiv2.

the reason why i did the test is because of my mother who is constantly threaten to infect me with hiv virus, becasue she has it and i deciede to ge tested and the place where i got tested i ams cared that they tried to infect me.

after the test i went home, and checked the internet and found this disturbing news

it made me worried,even though i have had the test result back and its negative, i am worried that they infected me i was crying the whole time and didn't see if she used a clean needle or the tube thing....

please help

You do not get HIv from an HIV test. I submit that the paranoia that caused you to test in the first place (infected intentionally by your mother) and the paranoia that leads you to doubt your test raises red flags to me. I submit that even after you educate yourself by reading the Welcome Page regarding HIv transmission vectors and tests, you might want to speak to a professional mental health counselor in order to fully expunge your unwarranted fear.

No reputable HIV testing center would intentionally try to infect you. The people who work there are there to help you. That idea sounds like an irrational fear on your part. On the other hand your statement that your HIV+ mother threatens to infect you is very troubling. You should try to get her into counseling of some sort.


Unless you're having unprotected intercourse with your mother, there is no way she can deliberately infect you. Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and it is NOT transmitted through normal, everyday contact.

You didn't need to test in the first place.

If you are young, you need to go to a trusted adult and let them know what is going on in your home. If you are an adult yourself, maybe it is time to look for somewhere else to live. Pronto. Not because I think your mum can follow through with her threats, but because you don't have to live with someone who is dishing out this kind of emotional abuse.

Good luck.


Thank you for your answers, i am more worried because i heard that there are two type of hiv...and i am worried if they only check ed for hiv-1 instead of hiv2 as well


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