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Hi  thank you to those who responded to my post on the other board just wanted to clear up the matter on test results taking so long ,the test i was meaning was not the hiv and std test (those are back already even hep b &c which i didnt know the tested me for ) i was refering to the DNA swabs so they can charge him .he has changed his story somewhat and i remember more now as well which does not make me feel anything but more scared . Also i went to the id follow up appointment who gave me the std test result from the hospital ,(i didnt have any i knew that ) the doctor was realy nice an he asked if i could afford the med i told him yes but he went ahead an had the Ryan White foundation pay for it .I was going to not pay the bills on time because i am more important. Anyway he told me that it has a 60 percent chance of helping .which didnt reasure me much better then none thou .i just wish they could make this guy take a test so i knew .Also the drug test to see if there are drugs takes a month as well ,i think the crime labs are longer then reg ones.I have tried searching up info on the millitary thing for canada but cant find anything so no releif there .As for the combivir so far nothing to bad to note the first few day i felt kinda sick ,but i realy think that could of been the stress .i have been in contact with the crisis ppl but not for counsiling ,i think boyfriend may need it more .i think maybe i should be so honest with him about with the guy is saying which is 2 blowjobs that i willing preformed , this guy has to have done this before .the stuff he did before an afterword that i do remember is just crazy he tried to set it up so that it would look like to me i did it an didnt remember .it is scarey to cuz if i had drank that whole drink i might have been conviced .but i remember fighting an running arround trying to get him off me an then i think i went out


A couple of questions:

Did the police request that he take an hiv test and he refused??

Were you tested for date-rape drugs?  And if so, what did they find?


Your post wasn't very clear on the subject of "blowjobs".

Are you saying that you willingly performed 2 blowjobs on him or is he just saying that to make it look like mutual concent.


  i was screened for drugs but the crime lab wont have that ready for a month .The blowjob thing was what he said today to the police after already having said there was no sexual contact . There was no blowjob much less two of them . i do not know if the police asked him to willing take an hiv test.but i did ask them to ask him if he was on the polly test .

Andy Velez:
The more I read of all of the events, the more I hope you are getting counseling or some other professional support in dealing with not only the experience itself, but also the aftermath of all of these contacts with the police and all as well. This is very challenging stuff and all too often someone who's been the object of the crime ends up feeling responsible or as if they have done something wrong.


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