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From reading messages on this site I know that insertive oral sex is not a way that people can get hiv outside of the "theoretical" chances. However, I am concerned I may be at risk because the girls teeth either scraped or bit into my penis during the oral sex. A short while after it was over I noticed that there were a couple marks on my penis. (i looked because it was kind of painful during the oral). Skin was definitely broken and now there is a small scab.

I have no reason to believe there was blood in her mouth, although it was dark and I can't rule that out completely. I am just wondering if this is a case of insertive oral where hiv could be passed? Can it be passed through the teeth through a bite? Thanks in advance for any answers.

You were not at risk, even with a bite on your penis which scabbed.

Andy Velez:
Bites, nicks, scrapes and more happen to penises during blowjobs, masturbation and other non-intercourse activities. Your concern is understandable but the fact is transmission doesn't happen in this manner and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first to be infected through someone's less than tender blowjob.

Please read the lesson on transmission whcih you can reach through the link in the first thread in this section. You get the real deal there on what is risky and what isn't. And this isn't and wasn't. If you see her again ask (nicely) here to use more lips and tongue and less teeth.


I am wondering if someone can explain why getting bit on the penis during oral sex isnt an hiv risk? I know for a fact that other diseases can be passed through bites. For instance, if you are bit by an unknown animal you are supposed to get a shot.

So why is being bitten on your penis not a risk?, When biting is a common way we think of passing virus/diseases to and from one another.

Other diseases are also spread through sneezing.


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