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Yet another guy with HIV anxiety

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Tabul Rasa:
As many other (gozillion maybe ?!) readers of this forum I am worrying too much. I know that. However...this knowledge doest help to relief my anxiety at all !!!

To Whom Who Has Some Patience Left for this type of questions:

I had a "massage" at Asian massage parlor on May 10th... Protected oral...protected vaginal (15 seconds - I got embarrassed suddenly and stopped). Condom was intact  - as far as I can tell - I took it off and left the establishment.
My concern is that when she put it on me she:
1) Had it already out of the packaging (I did not see her open the condom pack at all)
2) Probably (actually most definitely) had some of her vaginal secretions on her fingers that touched my penis.
Good Stuff: When I took the condom off she was scared because she thought that I was going to continue without it... I guess it was a good sign that she was not infected with HIV and was HIV aware (well as much as one can expect from a pro).

My anxiety began when I read online that swallen lymth noded are indicators of early HIV... (I had one neck lymph swallen PRIOR (I beleive) the encounter because of sudden cold weather in my city (was driving twith open windows).

I tested on the 5th week (OraSure swab) - negative
I tested on the 8th week (OraSure swab) - negative. The councelor at AIDS center looked at me and said: " What the hell are you doing here again? son ?". - Well... I dont know...I just cant sleep...Every single minute of my existance I calculate the odds of me being infected with HIV...Every single minute I am scared shitless that my beautiful wife is infected too. That I killed her and our future. I cant escape the feeling.

Being a medical student doesnt help me at all... So many conroversal opinions over reliability of 8 week test results... - Dude !!! there is NO chance that you have HIV. No WAY !
CDC: get tested at 3 and 6 months from the exposure - get tested at 12th week from the exposure...and so on...

Where is the truth ? What is the statistics of people tested positive after 8 week negative ?

Guy I really expect EXPLAINED opinitions...with reasoning and such...
I you can, of course...

I am REALLY scared before my final 12th week test. R E A L L Y !
I palpated my neck and found 2 shotty lymth nodes on the back of it (one from May). I found 2 shotty lymph nodes in clavicular area...Never looked for stuff like this before so... not really sure...if it something new or old... But EVERY WHERE YOU go ANY website suggests HIV if you have palpatible lymth nodes on your neck... That fuels my anxiety...

Any opinions ? Advise ?
What are my chances ?

Thank you for reading all this.... A LOT !

Being a medical student you know that symptoms or lack of symptoms is no indicator of HIV infection. Keep your fingers off your nodes and they won't swell. You had a no risk situation and I wouldn't have tested to begin with. See your doctor and get his advice for your symptoms.

Tabul Rasa:
As i said...knowledge doesn't help me here at all...
Just imagining that everything that I worked on will be a waste and my dear will be sentenced to death because of me makes every hour of my life a nightmare.

Tabul Rasa:
Of course I learned my lesson. Of course I will stay away from situation like this in the future.
I am just trying to estimate the possible exposure that I had:

1) Unknown quality of the condom
2) Possible exposure to prostitutes vaginal fluids
3) Palpable lymph nodes on the neck and clavicle.

(Sorry for errors - English is not my native language)


--- Quote ---knowledge doesn't help me here at all

--- End quote ---

And this is why can't help you either.
You know you had no risk, by our standards.

But believing that is entirely up to you. As is your anxiety.


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