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In memory of Leon Gulledge, My Dad


In Loving memory,,, ( I wrote this for his service & think it says it ALL)

My Daddy,,,

Let’s be honest, my daddy could be quite the cranky person, but the truth be told, he was only a man with strong beliefs and stood his ground. I can remember the long lectures when I had done wrong and praying to God that he would just shut up & whip me. But later found myself doing the same to my kids & thinking, “ok Leon, enough”. I have learned so much from him; I learned that love IS unconditional. We all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we aren’t worthy of love. I learned you work hard to get what you need & you stand by your family no matter what because in the end family is what gets you through. I learned people CAN change, don’t judge them from their past.

Over the years my daddy has worked so hard to provide for his family & with our Mom right by his side working just as hard, even though we THOUGHT we needed something it was more of a WANT,,, we never “needed” for anything ,

When I was in my teen years, it was hard to talk to him because, I knew everything & he was wrong about everything. But after I became a mother I saw that both of my parents were pretty smart after all. I found that I could talk to him about anything and he did not pass judgment, instead he always offered love & support. I found myself calling him more often, just to talk. He became my best friend. I always knew he was there for me without me even asking.

So, if you think my daddy was a cranky, hard man, you are right but he had a plan, which was to raise hardworking, responsible, loving children and I think he & my mom succeeded at that.

He was and always will be the most loving father any girl could ever wish for.

                                  I Love you Daddy,,,, YOUR Daughter, Lisa 



R.I.P...Leon Gulledge.

Jan :'(


   Thanks for sharing this Lisa.  I have no doubt that your father is looking down on you now from the heavens above with a smile on his face, knowing he has a very loving daughter.

    RIP Leon


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